1. Compatible with Sony NP-F Type Batteries.
2. Two DC Outputs – 7.4V and 12V.
3. Battery Connection Indicator and Battery Life Indicators.
4. Mounts to Camera Rig with a 1/4 Thumbscrew or Two Hex Screws.
5. Anti-twisting Rubber Pad on the Bottom.

SmallRig NP-F Battery Adapter Plate EB2504 features two DC outputs 7.4V and 12V to power your camera or other devices, greatly extending shooting time. It is constructed with durable aluminum and features a soft rubber pad on the bottom to prevent twisting. You can mount the plate to the camera rig using a 1/4“-20 thumbscrew or two 1/4”-20 hex screws. On the side of the plate are the battery connection indicator (Blue) and the three-level battery life indicator (Yellow) for checking charge status. If you push the red button on the side, battery life indicators will turn on for three seconds, and the last lamp will begin flashing at 10% to alert you about a low battery.

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